This is the section of the website where you can find some schematic diagrams about tubes receivers and amplifiers wich I can send you via email. When you ask me a schematic don't forget to report if you prefer to receive the form in graphic GIF format or in document PDF. Please note that in order to display PFD documents on your PC you may need the Adobe Acrobat Reader program. This software is free and can be downloaded from the Adobe company clicking here but more often is inside in many CD's sell with some Computer Magazines. With the two icons below you can see an example how both formats are really displayed on your computer. Both schematics are a Radio Allocchio Bacchini model 215 radio receiver.

Example in GIF format (52Kb) Example in PDF format(21Kb)

The cost of each schematic is 5 Euro or 5US$  such as a little contribution for the document scannerization, preparation and sending. Moreover if you like to see your radio published inside the "Radio show-case" section of this website send me some its pictures in JPG format, will be a pleasure for me add your radio to the list..

In order to request me your schematic just choose what you need from the pick menu, then put your personal data in the form (Name and email). At this point press the "Send your request" button.. Immediatly you will receive an email notification of your request with the list of the schematic(s) selected...

If you are searching MAGNADYNE or KENNEDY receivers before see HERE  where you'll find an equivalence list for models. For example if you are searching for a KENNEDY 546K in that list you will find that the schematic is the same for the MAGNADYNE SV46, just present in the bottom list.

If you prefer you can pay with too, with the schematic you will receive the instructions.


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