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Hi!  My name is Pierluigi, I was born in Genova, but actually I live in Pistoia since 1968. Pistoia is a little town in Tuscany about 25 miles far from Florence. Due to my job my knowledge about computers is wide-range. I develop web sites too under Linux and Windows servers, making the CGI scripts in Perl.

All the programs you can find inside this website, as "Guest Book", "How to contact me", "Schematic requests" , "The Radiopistoia Market Place" are developed by me in Perl, this because this programming language is very powerful and into Unix servers works fine. My hobby about old radios, radioceceivers and vacuum tubes devices was born many years ago when casually, I tried to repair a very old radioreceiver for a friend of mine. It's funny to repair this old devices, restoring its wood cabinet and making troubleshooting. After this first experience many others radio was restored by me...

Click on the picture to enlargeIn this picture you can see a my old workstation I used to develope some web applications and programs.

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All images inside these web pages are made with my Fuji S9600 digital camera and are with a startup resolution of 1600*1200 pixels. Due to the modems bandwith I reduced them to 700*500 pixels, this to avoid long downloading minutes. It is possible to enlarge each picture just clicking on the thumbnail. A new navigator window will be open, then you can close the enlarged picture to continue the normal site exploration. All pages are optimized for Internet Explorer with a video resolution of 800*600 pixels. However there is an automatic script when entering in the site to switch automatically the pages to obtain the best video mode.


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