This section will be helpful you to discover wich part of this web site has been recently updated. It is like an "history" of the website. If you are searching for something of new it's enough to read this page without any loss of time.

January, 21 2013

In the "Other Collections" section some important and rare radio from Alvaro Icolari was added.

October, 25 2013

In the "My Collection" section a new amplifier has been added, a Geloso G213A.

October, 21 2013

In the "Geloso equipments" a new Geloso receiver was added, a naval set G4-214.

September, 18 2013

In the "Old Componts" a pair of new EIMAC trasmitter tubes has been added, one 3CX3000 and one 8676.

August, 28 2013

In the "My Collection" section a new instrument has been added, a tube voltmeter "Meter" model 130.

January, 10 2013

In the "My Collection" section a new radioreceiver was added, a nice little Philco model 37-602

April, 17 2012

In the "My Collection" section a new radioreceiver was added, a Minerva 465-1

October, 6 2011

Made a general site restyling.

June, 14 2011

In the "My Collection" section a new radioreceiver was added, it is a His Master Voice 1231

December, 14 2010

In the "My Collection" section a new radioreceiver was added, it is a Radio Allocchio Bacchini 528M.

November, 04 2010

In the "Geloso equipments" a new, very nice, Geloso GTV1014 television has been added.

September, 15 2010

In the "My Collection" section a new instrument device was added, a UNA (UNAOHM) sweep-marker, the EP 615B model.

August, 31 2010

In the "Geloso equipments" a new wonderful receiver was added, a great Geloso G202C, a complete PA system.

June, 06 2010

In the "My Collection" section a new radioreceiver was added, a NORDMENDE ELEKTRA 58, a nice little radio.

February , 22 2010

In the "My Collection" section a new, curious, French receiver "Radio Agences - Nizza" was added.

November, 19 2009

In the "My Collection" section a new little, nice Radiomarelli 130 radio was added.

November, 6 2009

Complete site restyling, new graphical layout, new pictures, now the frames has been removed, improved both the Guest Book and Market Places sections too.

February, 23 2009

In the "My Collection" section a new Graetz Comedia radio was added.

February, 6 2009

In the "Geloso equipments" some new magnetic tape and wire recorders has been added.

June, 10 2008

In the "My Collection" a very niceful receiver has been added, it is a Philips Super Inductance model 736A, a set from 1934!

April, 21 2008

In the "My Collection" a pair of new radioreceivers has been added, a DUCRETET and a GERUFON.

August, 20 2007

In the "My Collection" a new private radio collection has been updated.

June, 31 2006

In the "My Collection" SRE Tube tester" a tip was added. It is a simple indication to avoid noisy auto oscillation of the tube under testing.

June, 1 2006

In the "My Collection" two new radio were added. They are a Radiomarelli RD231 ad a nice Magnadyne SV59,

May, 3 2006

In the "Geloso equipments" a new great TV set has been added, it is a Geloso G1528

July, 28 2005

In the "Geloso equipments" five new magnetic tape recorders pictures has been added.

June, 26 2005

In the "My Collection" section a new, nice private collection picture gallery was added.

May 3 2005

In the "My Collection" section a new NORDMENDE FIDELIO 3D radio was added.

November 8 2004
In the The Radio Show.-case some other nice pictures were added.

May 6 2004
In the "My Collection" section - Laboratoriers instruments a Scuola Radio Elettra tube tester was added. This equipment was sold in kit with the "Radio Stero Transistors" course in the beginning of the '70.

October 18 2003
In the "My Collection" section the UNAOHM G45 scope was added. It's an old all-tubes 5 inch oscilloscope, 1Mhz of bandwith and mono track.

September 5 2003
In the Tubes HI-FI amplifier and Geloso sections there are new entry while in the schematic diagrams pages some other schematics were added, now there are more than 500 diagrams !

February 24 2003
The NEW section "Geloso equipments" has been added in the website. Here you can find only Geloso devices such as radioreceivers, tape recorders or audio amplifiers..

February 17 2003
Inside the "Schematic Diagrams" section more schematics has been added. The entire part of this page has been graphically repainted to obtain a better view.

January 3rd 2003
All the & pages has been transferred on a new server. This in order to improve the site speed and connectivity. A new receiver has been added to the collection section: it's a Telefunken T531.

November 10 2002
Inside the "Collection" section a Frequency Generator and a new receiver (Geloso G503) was added. The generator is a laboratory instrument I built in the 1977 with a Scuola Radio Elettra training course...

November 5 2002
The section of the "Radiopistoia's market-place" has been added to my website. Here you can leave your advertisements about spare parts searching, radioreceivers exchange and so on..

September 30 2002
The Geloso G185 radioreceiver has been added in the collection section.

April 27 2002
Inside the "Devices from the past" section has been added the DY97 vacuum tube.

April 8 2002
Inside the "collection" section has been added the new Philips BX632A, a receiver build about in the 1950. This receiver works with 3 OM bands plus the FM. 

March 11 2002
A new radio set has been added in the collection section. A Radiomarelli 10A05 I had bought some weeks ago, now perfectly restored. Some others pictures were added in the "The radio Showcase" section too.

January 29 2002
At this date the home page layout of Radiopistoia-Radiocorriere was completly changed, improved with a great FLASH presentation.

January 2 2002
A great restyling of the website has been made. Now the "Radio showcase" is online, new picture were added, new texts, more info in the "Tube data" section and.. much more.

December 22 2001
Now the site is able to autodetect  and setting the right video resolution, both 800*600 and 1024*768 pixels. The new domain name has been registered, this in order to obtain a greater visibiliy in Italy. You can reach the new domain just on:

November 24 2001
A new background image has been introduced, this look more "vintage" and now during the scroll of the pages the background doesn't move with the text. A new picture has been added in the "Pistoia"section.

October 24 2001
The link section has been updated, now you can see the link name and a little preview image. The site map funciont has been added too. All the pictures of my radio collection (front view) are new. 

September 23 2001
Updated the "My little collection" section with a new Radio Allocchio Bacchini. This receiver has been bought one week ago in Lucca (Tuscany).

June 18 2001
The new "Pictures from the past" section has been added. The old section "Info" has been moved inside the "Little presentazion" item.

June 5 2001
The home page backgroung image has been updated. Some pictures were added into the "Pistoia" section.

May, 7 2001
Updated the link section, with a different graphic look, and with the description of the languages available online.

March, 26 2001
Added to the collection the my new Marconiphone 296, with detailed views and other.

March, 20 2001
Added the pictures of the CNIT's vintage radios exhibition in Pisa (Italy).

March, 3 2001
Added the tubes data section. (As the schematic diagrams section)

February, 26 2001
Added the Telefunken Gavotte to my collection. 

February, 17 2001
Added this section the  "Site History" to Radiopistoia in italian and english too. Inside the "Component from the past" the 6E5GT magic eye was added.

February, 10 2001
Inside the "Components from the past" the internal view of the EL 34 pentode has been added.

February, 5 2001
Let's Go ! The new access counter to the home page has been initialized, and the registration inside the major search engines has been performed. (Altavista, Yahoo, Google, Excite, Lycos, Hotbot)
Now Radiopistoia is viewable worldwide !

February, 1 2001
All the new pages, pictures has benn uploaded inside the new server. All links has been checked.

January, 10 2001
Starts the site development, restyling and programming for the guest book and comments section.

December 30 2000
The host name has been registered, Setup of the new server for the hosting.


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