Builder Nora
Model Reigen
Year 1960 about
Tubes EC92 EC92 ECH81 EF89 EF80 EABC80 EF86 ECL82 ECL82 EM80
Bands OL - OM - OC - MF
Tuning Supereherodyne with MF at 460Khz and 10.7Mhz
Power 110 125 220 250 Volt
Size 62 x 40 x 28 cm
Power audio tube A great ECL82 Push Pull (!) it must be listen!!
Magic eye EM80


View of the receiver just arrived into my laboratory

Internal view of the receiver, note the big woofer loudspeaker and the two little tweeter, the lateral ones permits to create the 3D spatial sound.

View of the chassis before its restoration, only tons of dust..

And now, after a great cleaning job.

Front view, note the strange design of the tuning scale backplane


Bottom view of the chassis, note the quantity of components and the big keyboard, with the sound equalyzer keys.

The first power up sequence, not at nominal value (220Vac) but more less, this in order to verify the components like capacitors.

Close up view of the MF tuner, here has not been used the classid ECC85 but two separate triodes, EC92. One like local oscillator and one like mixer, in order to convert the 88-100Mhz frequencies only in one, 10.7Mhz.

Rear view of the receiver, its backplane is on good conditions too, condition very rare.

Internal view when all restorations has been finished.

And now a suggestive view of the very large glass tuning scale with its magic eye the the big keyboard.



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