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Build Telefunken
Model Gavotte Export
Year 1955
Tubes ECC85 ECH81 EF89 EABC80 EL84 EM80
Power supply 110-220 Vac
Size 57x37x18

Click on the picture to enlarge This is a typical germany radioreceiver built during the years 50. Note the tweeter, in the top picture, on the left side of the loudspeaker.
Click on the picture to enlarge Internal chassis picture. You can see the keyboard for the bands selection.
In many of the germany radioreceivers the keyboard was "a must". With this you can select the turntable, the bands or in some cases power on and off the radio.
Click on the picture to enlarge Detailed view of the HF section with its coils. In this receiver, with its three bands in amplitude modulation,  this section was very important.
Magnified view of the EM80 magic eye. Was used to find the exact point of tuning, or to see the strenght of the tuned station.


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