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Builder Telefunken
Model T531
Year 1940
Bands AM - SW1 - SW2 - PHONO
Tubes WE20 WE19 WE15 WE18 WE55
Tuning Supereterodyne with M.F.  469Khz
Notes Power audio amplifier with tube WE15
Power 110-220 Vac
Size 70x50x45

Clicca per ingrandire l'immagine During the chassis removal from its cabinet with a great surprise this is the "wall picture antenna" I found inside this receiver... In the '30 these kind of antennas was often used as an internal antenna. Pratically it's an assembly of some coils behind a real hand-painted wall picture :). 
This is another enlarged view of this particular kind of antenna, after its restoration. The plug have to inserted in the Aerial plug of the receiver.
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Click on the picture to enlarge it This is a top view of the receiver just removed from its wood cabinet. On the right you can see the three sections variable capacitors, behind the MF groups and the big power transformer. In this receiver the magic eye (WE18) is not only a tuning indicator. It works like an audio preamplifier before the power penthode WE51 too.
Unfortunatly in this old receiver the tuning scale was very damaged. In the right picture you can see the original one.


The restoration of this tuning scale was possible only with a scanner, a PC and a laser printer. Initially I found a similar tuning scale from another receiver, then I scannerizzed it in A3 format. Then with a GOOD laser printer the repaired tuning scale (with a photo editor program) has been printed on a transparent sheet of paper. As last step the printout has been disposed between two pieces of glass cutted ecxatly of the same size of the original tuning scale.
This is the tuning scale just ultimated and repositioned inside the receiver's wood cabinet. It's not the same but I have'nt any chance to find the original one, so....

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This is the internal bottom view of the receiver. You can see the new electrolytic capacitors changed during the troubleshooting procedure. It's a quite easy receiver, with not a great number of components.
Here you cas see a detailed view of some wire before the radio restoration. All the insulations of this old wires was damaged, so I had replaced many of these internal connections. A great and heavy job, believe me!


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