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Builder Geloso
Model G255
Year 1956
Tape speed 4,75 and 9,5 cm/sec
Tubes UL41 12AX7 DM70
Bandwidht 100-4500Hz and 80-6000Hz
Power 110-220Vac
Size 24x13x14

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Detailed view of all the electronic components.
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Another view where bottom, on the left, you can see the "magic eye", a tube used as recording level indicator. It's the same as the actual VU Meters. You can see better this device inside the Devices from the past section.
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Those components (the red ones) are the condensators used to livelling the tension after the rectifier. After these components the tension is ready to be applied to the tubes.
Click on the picture to enlarge Lateral viev of the tape unit. On the right you can see the mechanical keyboard.
This is the Capstan, a very important device, actually used on all tapes unit. Its work is to stabilize the tape speed before this pass under the heads
On the left side you can see an old image ot fhe tape recorder from the number 65 Geloso Technical Bulletin issue on summer 1965. 


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