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Builder La Voce della Radio
Model Magnus 833
Year 1935
Tubes 6BE6 6K7GT 6Q7GT 6V6GT 5Y3GT
Tuning Supereterodyne with M.F.  465Khz
Notes Power audio amplifier with tube 6V6GT
Power 110-220 Vac
Size 66x26x35

Note  This is a receiver found in a market in a very damaged condition. Its loudspeaker was ate (!) from some mouses....

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Detailed view of the receiver from the top. You can see the typical components distribution. On the left the power transformer and the big tuning double variable capacitor. In this radio model the output transformer was mounted directly on the loudspeaker. 
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Enlarged view the the OM and OC high frequency group, with its two pair of coils. One for tuning and the other one for the local oscillator, in a classical configurations.
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A great picture of the tuning variable capacitor with its two sections. The big wheel was used to move the tuning indicator on the tuning scale.
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Bottom and components view of the receiver. Its configuration was very classic, from the AF section until the BF power amplifier.
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A nice view of the tuning scale. It's perfect, you can read all the names of the radio bridge cities.


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