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Builder Radio Allocchio Bacchini
Model 319
Year 1950
Bands AM1-AM2-SW1-SW2 plus 6 expanded bands in SW
Tubes ECH42-EF41-EBC41-6SL7-6V6-6V6-5Y3-EM4
Tuning Supereterodyne with MF of 465Khz
Power 110-220 Vca
Size 77x38x30
Audio drive A pair of 6V6 power thetrodes in pure A class
Magic eye Yes a EM4

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Rear view of the receiver when removed from its wood cabinet. (Very heavy!!) This is a "great class" receiver due to its sensibility and selectivity. The schematic is a classic superetherodyne but with some interesting technical choices as described in the next pictures.

As you can see here on the right picture the final power BF stage is in pure "A" class with a pair of tethrodes 6V6. With this configuration the output power is 10w about, a great power to drive the big loudspeaker mounted in this receiver.

Here you can see the plug for the EXTERNAL MF stage. In this receiver infact the AM and MF stages are separated. Unfortunatly my receiver doesn't have the external stage... On the tuning scale there is the Modulation Frequency decals and the variable AM capacitor is with two cams, this to drive the other section.

Front view ot the receviver. You can see the magic eye (on the left) and the big and easy redeable tuning scale. There are four little lamps in order to light it.

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Here you can see the only BAD component I had replaced. It is a classic 16MF 500Vl capacitor for the anodic supply. After its replacement the receiver worked fine.

Detailed view of the AF stage. You can see the ground shield on the bottom of the picture. All the AF stage infatc is perfectly separated from the rest of the receiver, this to improve the signal to noise rejection.

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Bottom view of this Allocchio Bacchini. Note the big wheel in the center on the tuning knob. With this wheel the tuning searching is more "fluid". All the components in this receiver are mounted perfectly, and in this picture you can see the ground wire absolutely right angled to the rest of the chassis.

Detailed view of the "Radio Allocchio Bacchini" logo placed on the front of this receiver



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