Builder His Master Voice
Model 1231
Year 1951
Tubes X78 - W77 - DH77 - N78 - U78
Bands OM - OL - OC
Tuning Supereherodyne with MF at 465Khz
Power 110 125 195 225 Volt
Size 55 x 37 x 25
Power audio tube U78
Magic eye not present


Picture taken during the first restoration approach.

Internal view before its restoration.

Same internal view, until removed the chassis from the wood cabinet.

Note that each tube has its metallic grounded shield, this to improve selectivity ad avoid any auto oscillation.

This is a detailed view how an ECH42 can be placed into a seven pins sockets.

This subsituction has been made because the original tube, an X78 converter, was damaged with an internal short circuit between plade and grid in the triode section.


Front view of the chassis until the reastoration has finished.

Bottom view.

Rear view.

Detailed view of the curious internal antenna of this receiver.

Detailed view of NIP, the famous His Master Voice dog.

Here the receiver, when its restoration has finished.



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