In this section you'll find the instuctions about how to build an your own galena radio. Don't forget that this kind of receivers works ONLY with a very good AERIAL and  EARTH connections, and dont' expect from this galena radio great performances :))

Schematic explanation (...!):  The coil "BOBINA" are 150 turns of 0,20mm insulated wire on a bakelite cilinder about 2,5cm of diameter. The 560pf variable capacitor is a standard capacitor used in many AM receivers. In these receivers this component has always two sections but you have to use only one. The other capacitor, a 500pf could be a normal polyester or symilar.

As "rivelatore a galena" or "galena detector" you could use an original one like in the left picture, but a normal GERMANIO diode such as an OA81 or similars works fine. Remeber that in this circuit  you HAVE TO use a germany diode, not the newest in SILICIO. This because the threshold voltage of the first is 0,2V while in the others are 0,6V, too high to detect the low radiofrequency signals from the LC circuit..

Use the left picture to recognize the right component connection. Before use the original galena getector try to insert in the circuit a normal diode, this to insure that the receiver be able to receive some signals in the heardphone. Only after replace the diode with the real galena detector.


Like headphone use a piezo unit only with the max impedance possible.

NOTE: For your safety don't try to connect this receiver to any amplifier,
external power supply, electronics equipments or other electrical devices.

If you have some questions about this project you can send me an email just
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