Builder Radio Allocchio Bacchini
Model 528M
Year 1938
Tubes 6A8 - 6K7 - 6Q7 - 6V6 5Y3
Bands OL - OM - OC1 - OC2
Tuning Supereherodyne with MF at 425Khz
Power 110 125 160 220 Volt
Size 560 x 485 x 320
Power audio tube 6V6
Magic eye Neon indicator


Here the big and HEAVY receiver just arrived into laboratory for its restoration.

Internal view, years ago the radio was scraped, remover loudspeaker, damaged internal wiring... really a disaster.

Top view of the chassis, dust and rust everywhere.

All the tuning system was damaged, the variable capacitor was changed with another..

Picture token during the tuning scale wiiring recabling.


Another picture token during the tuning scale restoration operations.

The power transfromer has die, the 220 coil was damaged too..

Here the chassis just removet the power trasformer.

Here the transfomer just rewound, an operation really heavy..

Closeup of the transformer reassembled, ready and working again.

Here a detailed view of the tag, near each tube with its type.

Here the chassis, when finished its restoration.
The chassis, view from the bottom.
Nice poster advertising, from the past.
Internal view of this BIG and important receiver when finished its restoration.
The final aspect of the radio, ready to be returned to the customer.



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